Monday, February 13, 2012

Ewe Tube: pre-lambing

It's been a while since I've blogged and I'm trying to get it all up and going during lambing so everyone can enjoy the babies!  We have built the lambing stalls.  We took our 14x14 stalls and divided them.  So, I can keep prolific moms separate so they can bond with their babies and I can keep everyone straight.  I have listed their due dates in the photos and we'll see how well they play along.  If I didn't see them get bred, then it's listed as unknown and I'll just have to keep an eye on physical changes to watch for signs of lambing.  

Here is Maggie and Jan.  They are our two non-finn ewes and they have produces large lambs.  These ladies our here for a special reason and will stay forever, despite how our breeding program goes.  These girls can't remove their mouths and head from food long enough to see their faces but, this is the view I normally have anyway.  Maggie is mostly hair sheep so we don't shear or save her wool, so messy is fine for her.

This next group is our crazy group.  They are wonderful producers, have amazing fleece, but just are, well, CRAZY.  They all have huge milky udders and love their lambs but are flighty.  I really just try not to cause premature labor with them and keep entering the stall with food.  They like food. 

 This next group is the friendly stall.  They will let you pet, scratch, hug, feel babies move, and do just about anything with them.  They were well socialized with humans and so glad because it's hard not to be involved with lambing and pregnant moms right now!  They are also the first to lamb, I think, because you can tell they are getting uncomfortable.

Finally, last but not least is Beedle and Betty.  They are friendly on their terms, not mine.  I can sometimes pet them and feel for moving babies but not always.  They, too, hardly lift their heads from the hay. 
So, there are the "ladies in waiting".  I will try to keep photos and updates coming throughout lambing and yes, lambs will be available for sale.  All Finns are registered and are available with or without registration. Maggie's and Jan's babies are not for sale. 

There are three additional ewes to lamb in April.  They are last years lambs from me that are at a friend house.  I will be posting those lambs for her coming in warmer Spring!

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