Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aliens in my ewe!!

Another day lamb free....

but, this doesn't mean I am not having sheep fun!  After work last night, miss Jan blew her plug.  LOL, her mucous plug.  I won't show you pictures of that, don't worry.  Anyway, should be within 24 hours (about) that she will begin our lambing season...finally.  :)

In the meantime, I caught some great video of the aliens in their stomachs!

After that fun and weirdness....

I started working on Izzy's fleece.  It started here:
Izzy born last March an adorable little grey badgerface.

She then turned into...
A grown up...

She then went to....
 No No No, that's her FLEECE!!
(well, one of them is her fleece)

which I then pulled out and skirted and picked through.

And then washed...beautiful, soft, full of crimp and luster. 
 This will be my first 'from sheep to finish'
Check back in a year or so.....

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