Friday, February 17, 2012

Ewe Tube: lamb updates

No new babies as of this morning, Friday. I do have milk production and even bigger udders. I am glad to be done with the long days at work and school and can now be here to check often. I have a great friend that stops by and gives me updates via text message during those long days. (she has great experience with new little lambs) and of course, my husband, checks for me when he is home. Everyone still eating and I'm sure they are planning a mass lambing.

We do have fleeces ready for purchase. I have 8 available at this time and they are gorgeous. I will be opening bags and doing some skirting this afternoon as the sun is out and there is no wind today. Please let me know if you are interested as they usually go fast. We have brown, black, grey, white, and piebald. I still have to shear the rams and one little grey ewe.  Below are two photos of our fleece before shearing.  One piebald badgerface and the other, black.

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