Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Runner Ducks

Today, we got another egg.  I have some very young hens and 3 very old hens.  So, I'm not surprised the eggs have been absent.  I purchased some very nice grey/mallard Indian Runners last fall and they had just begun to lay when the winter came and we sold the others.  I have 3 older ducks that will always stay here regardless of color, production, or breeding quality.  As long as the number of 'forevers' doesn't increase, I think we can manage the feeding.  Ha!! 

On Sunday, I found three eggs, pretty much frozen but the dogs liked them anyway.  We got 1 egg on Monday and 1 egg today.  So, they're coming back as the daylight hours last longer.  We don't keep a light on them in the winter so, I rely on season for laying.  I need to thank my in-laws for supplying us with chicken eggs during the winter as their birds lay year round.

I love the duck eggs and we are planning out Spring hatching as I'm excited to offer grey colored runners and some trout as the trout (li/li) color is a light phase of grey.   (Grey is mallard in Indian runners)

This is our main breeding male grey runner and some of his ladies. The males carry most of the traditional colors we are used to seeing.  We will have babies and hatching eggs available in early Spring.  Contact us for more information.

PS: no lambs yet

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