Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well, all the sheep are sheared, wool is posted on ebay.  Some of it is great and some of it is fantastic!  The best ones, I have put coats on for next season to keep them from fading in the sun and getting vm in there. 

One of the biggest surprises was Heidi.  She was a little ewe that I sold last year and her companion goat got killed by the neighbors dog and her owner feared for her life, so she sent her back to live here and I'm very happy.  She was a fading black when she left and is now a gorgeous grey. 

Based on this photo, you would never think her wool was worth anything.  No offense, Heidi.  Turns out, she was brushed and she got the "stuck her hoof in a light socket" look.  But, part the wool to the skin and you get:

She is a little looser in the crimp than I'd like but, that might improve with a little care this season.  So, a few days ago, she got her new haircut and looks great!

Well, I like how they look after shearing.  Maybe it's because it's such a huge accomplishment for me to do the work.  She wasn't about to give a look at me due to the green grass coming in and she's been in isolation for a month.  (she came back neg for OPP, CL, and Johnes) soon she'll be a sheep again.   I decided to put her in a blanket and she how she does.
Well, now I got a look.  A look of embarrassment.  LOL!!  But, her wool turned out looking like this

So, needless to say, I've got too many projects going so this, along with the other fleeces are for sale on ebay.

Monday, March 12, 2012



It's finally that time of year!  All the lambs are done from the first round...10 moms, 21 lambs on the ground.  We lost a few along the way this year and that was sad.  The ones that are left are fantastic.  The wool on these babies is amazing with my two rams that I purchased out of Stillmeadow in N.Y. and Triple L in W.A.  It was $$ and hard to choose via internet but with their help, I am extremely pleased.  Our fecal was negative right in the middle of lambing and that was a big relief, so with the mild winter, lets hope we can keep that up.  By checking each ewe carefully and only treating for exactly what they carry, we have made huge strides in parasite control. 

The lambs were very big and healthy this year, avg weight was about 8 lbs with some 9 and 9.5 lb finns born in pleased.  Now they are doubled in weight at 3 weeks old so, I'm looking forward to big lambs going home in middle April.   I have been trying so hard to select for size along with the other traits and it's starting to pay off. Mom's are incredibly milky this year and besides 1 or 2 bottles on the second and third days..we are using no supplements.  I did increase the corn/grain feeding during pregnancy and that helped I'm sure. 

I am choosing two ewe lambs to retain and will be looking to get a few outcross ewes for next season.  This also means, I have the hard decision of letting a few of my current ewes go. 

We will also be adding some more fence so we can rotate pastures with the horses this summer.  Paul is getting the acre by the house ready to plant corn as we are going to try and grow our own feed this year.  We will also be trying blankets all around for fleece quality.  I tested one and wish I had done more. 

It's going to be a wonderful summer....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012