Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lambing Kick-Off! Jan won the 2012 coin toss!


Late Friday night, Jan lambed her two adorable babies.  We went to check on her and she was moving around the stall cooing for her lambs, but no lambs.  She had the water bag hanging pretty low but no baby.  So Paul caught her and I took a peak..sure enough, two feet and head.  Proper presentation, so we let her go and stepped out of the stall.  I'd rather not interfere unless absolutely necessary.  She continued walking around the stall calling to her lamb but not pushing or contracting.  She finally laid down and gave one big push...nothing.  A little bit of foot and then she was up again. 

We watched her do this for a while and then we decided to check again and see how big that baby was going to be.  I got my hand around it, barely, big baby.  With a couple contractions, she was able to expel this beautiful baby.  A ewe lamb, very dark brown and cute little blaze on her face.  She immediately began shaking and moving...a great sign.  Jan took right to her, cleaning and talking to, and then I figured I check for a second lamb...yup, another one, this one bigger.  So, I gathered up the feet and head and slowly worked him out.
Ewe lamb is dark brown 9 lbs 
ram lamb is lighter brown with white socks 9.5 lbs.

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