Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Parasite Control....

As I was watching the lambs play 'chase' and 'tag' and practice their Saturday Night Fever moves, I was listening to a message from my vet.  She had come out to check on the moms and do a fecal check.  Last Spring, like a lot of farms, we had a big parasite problem due to the wet conditions.  So, with help from her and a little extra prevention from us, we had a parasite free fecal check!  Woo hoo!!!  Anyone that has livestock knows how hard it is to gain control on those little pests.  Of course, you really can't be completely free, there were a small number of strongyls but, nothing to treat at this time....not a significant number. 

I am very excited as we worked very hard and diligently to keep the barn and pastures clean, rotate pastures/livestock, and control and treat only as needed.  So, this is definitely helping us and a supporting reason why the ewes look so good! 

I'm pretty sure we will have more lambs tonight as I keep a watchful eye on my ladies. 

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