Saturday, January 7, 2012


Many months ago, we purchased a llama and her cria to come and live at our farm.  The intent was to get an adult that would protect our sheep fairly quickly and have a baby that could grow up with us and our sheep and eventually become a protector, too.  So, we purchased an adorable pair and they have been great.  The mamma llama is doing a great job at keeping watch over the pastures however, we have many fields and lots of coyotes. Besides wanting  more to make her job easier..we have fallen in love with these amazing creatures.  I have enjoyed learning and enjoying llamas.  So, we decided to go back for another pair.  I have included a link to a video of our first pair and I'm sure we'll add another one when we pick up our new farm members tomorrow!  I am very excited and glad we have the space and knowledge to accommodate these unique and intelligent animals.

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