Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sheep Shearing!

Well, I managed to get two more ewes sheared this weekend around all our other plans.  Yesterday, I went to my friend's farm to help with the first group of lambs.  She has Mule and North Country sheep.  We dewormed ewes and castrated and docked lambs.  Aww, kind of sad, but very necessary on the lambs.  After than, I managed to get home and get Betty done.  Basically, I walk into the run-in part of the barn with grain and the first one I catch is the lucky winner.  Betty won.

Betty had wonderful fleece...I was very happy with her.  Dark black, shiny and easy to shear.  Soft as can be with sun bleached tips for a very nice spinning blend.  She was fairly easy to do as she became friendlier after lambing this Spring. 

Today, I taught lots of lessons, sold two ducks and got a deposit on a ram lamb.  Very nice day with sunshine and warmth in the afternoon.  Decided about 5pm that I needed to get out to the barn and pick another winner. So, the lucky Michigan lottery went to Jan.  She was the one lucky enough to come up for grain and got picked for shearing.  Worked out well because she was panting a lot as the heat is setting in for the summer. 

Jan is in front, a tunis texal cross.  Beautiful fleece that I think would be great for a project. Dewey is in the background, she was the first to get sheared a couple months ago.  I'm definately improving on my skills.  I used to hire someone to shear until this year as I decided to take matters into my own hands.  And, it's getting better each time!!   If it wasn't for my back, I would actually like it, I think.

Three more to go...we'll see if we get done this week!

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