Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring, oh Spring, when will you arrive?!

Well, we are still pushing forward even though the weather is pushing back... 

Yesterday, I managed to shear the other ram, Hemi.  He was soooo easy but had a larger amount of lanolin than the others, so the blades had to be cleaned as I went along.  The fleece is beautiful and ran by the Spinning Loft to get a pro's opinion and she bought it on the spot.  Nice!  Love that, of course.  I trimmed his feet and we are getting ready to try and breed for fall lambs.  Hemi won't be staying so, going to try and get a couple more babies from him and hopefully a nice ram lamb to replace him.  He gave us all ewe lambs this time and normally, that's great...but really wanted one of his sons to stay on the farm. 

We had a fecal done and got our Spring deworming done in a  heartbeat.  Now, the rotation of pastures can start to help control parasites.  Horses tested, too, although parasites are species specific.  I won't deworm unless I know exactly what I am battling...keeps from developing resistance to dewormers besides the obvious fact that there are many different worms and parasites to choose from.

I set up the electro-netting to have a holding pen for the parasite control until we get the new fencing installed.  We are planning to fence the horse pastures (2 strand hot-wire) with field fence for the sheep.  This way, we can rotate all over the farm and let grass grow and keep the animals from pooping out parasites and ingesting them as the graze.  This is really good when you have multiple species of grazing animals.  If a horse ingests a sheep worm, it will die in the horse.  (or die on the ground) So, you can utilize your pastures by sharing pastures. 

If you felt like sending me a gift....LOL....I could always use more eletro-netting by Premier.   Hint-Hint!

Well, off to shear some more girls!!  

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