Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ewe Tube update

On Saturday night, we had our Kaarina lambs born.  Triplets!  Beautiful and colorful.  Kaarina is a great mom and has plenty of milk.  After two days, we let her out to join the rest of the flock and she kept her babies away from us for the whole next day.  Now, she is better and more trusting so I could get some good pictures. 

This is a ewe lamb (grey badgerface)

This is a ewe lamb (black)

This is a ram lamb (white carrying black and spotting)

Then a couple days later we had a litter of quads born out of Tuija!
Wow!!!  I can't believe the cute factor here!!

This is a broken (spotted) badgerface ewe lamb

This is a badgerface ram lamb

Also included is a black ram lamb and a black ewe lamb but I don't have pictures yet.

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