Thursday, May 12, 2011

Broken Hearts

So, this morning is time to wean the lambs.  It's sad for a few of them because I am separating into ewes and rams, not just lambs and Moms.  I'm not interested in breeding for Fall lambs as I had originally planned.  Too much work this year.  So, just made a little run-in in the big shelter and electronetted off a small area for the boys.  Looks like we have 6 boys including Walker, our big boy and the father.   I fenced in this beautiful grassy area and they haven't decided it is safe yet.  Walker has been out and in and out and in but the young lambs, just aren't having anything of the new field.  So bold when behind Mom's skirt but now, they are scared and sad.  So sad are the cries of these little least favorite time of year for sheep.

Someday when they go outside, I will get a picture that shows their beautiful grassy pasture but for now, I will have to settle with the dirt floor of the barn.

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