Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Storm January 2014

Our weather has really come flying in with lots of snow and soon to follow lots of cold!  We ended up with between 15" and 20" of snow with drifting.  The animals are doing just fine and I must say, although a long tired walk for me to the barn, I made it there and back.  It seemed so far away when I was only half-way!

I was surprised at the depth of snow all the way down the road to the barn and actually walked along the fence line for support.  

The wind chill was about -20 degrees but the actual temp was 8 degrees.  Not too bad yet, but the cold is still to come. 

Our pigs were snowed into their shelter but they didn't seem to mind as I took them breakfast in bed. 

The horses got extra hay and didn't seem to care that they were outside as they have the option of being in or out.

Then, my hard working husband came home from 24 hours of plowing and started in on our house and all the neighbors.

I will get more photos tomorrow of the plowing to see the actual beauty of the snow, although the temperature is suppose to drop again tonight. 

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  1. I was looking at your website, and noticed ou know have a blog!
    My family purchased a puppy from you years ago. "Tag"
    He has been a wonderful dog.
    Nice farm :) Happy New Year!