Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oh, The Weather Outside it Frightful...

     The weather continues to blow outside but we are enjoying ourselves with inside activities.   I took Tweed to a USDAA agility trial and even at 30 weeks pregnant, I had a great time!  This is his first trial in this venue and he qualified 3 for 3 starters runs.  We only went one day as that was all I could run at this time.  I've included a short video of our day. 

     We also have some great new agility students that started last week.  Looks like we will have some new competitors and agility enthusiasts this Spring.  Two students went to the trial with me and did really well for their first time in USDAA.  One of my new students is a photographer and came out to take some photos of the animals in the snow.

     I am now 10 weeks away from my due date for second baby and things are ready around here for now.  I have organized the nursery and newborn supplies along with the guest quarters for my family to come and stay and visit.  Just trying to keep up the exercise and movement so I don't get to uncomfortable with the big belly.  Delivery of our new surprise can't come soon enough!

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  1. Wish you were closer, my girls would love to do classes with their B.C's
    Good luck with the new addition to your family !