Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Fall Morning! 

It's beautiful outside and a balmy 50 degrees this morning.  Is Fall upon us, I think not!  It will still reach 80 today but all is going well.  Yesterday, I shearing one of the ramlings that is still living here.  He is 1/2 Finn and has a nice, crimpy fleece, so I figured I would keep the wool and add to the collection.  He was still accepted back to the boys without much hassle.  

We also took out turkeys and extra ducks in for processing so the barnyard is quieter with just the permanent residents here in the bird yard.  The 34 lb Tom will be helpful at our family Thanksgiving dinner.  I never like dropping them off but the good life they had up til the end was very close to bird retirement. 

We had three fall lambs born and it was our first 'out of season' lambing.  Very easy and so nice to not worry about babies freezing.  They are very cute and just started the lamb races.  I don't think anyone else is expecting but we will see.  It wasn't a planned lambing but I allowed the ram in for a month in the Spring to see how quickly they would re breed. 

These lambs are available for new homes in early November, or they will just hang out till Spring with the rest of the flock!
I also got a new camera for the upcoming Spring lamb that will be human!  My husband and I are expecting Dec. 2 and we thought it would be a good idea to have a nice camera to preserve the moments!  So, these lambs are the beginnings of me trying to learn all the settings.  I'm loving the colors!

Our ducks are doing well, all the boys grew up and are looking good.  I have 6 hens and 2 drakes that I will be breeding in the Spring for ducklings.  I have been selecting the best of the stock all summer to pick the final group. 

We also added some new poultry to our breeding program, silkie chickens!  They are adorable and hilarious!  Can't wait for Spring to hatch little baby silkies!

The horses are doing well and fattened up on lots of pasture.  We went riding a couple times on the trails this summer and they did so well! 



Dog Agility classes are going really well and 10 of my students are heading to their first trial next weekend!  So fun and so proud of all of them!!

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