Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Additions to the Farm

Hello All,

My time has been busy and I have posted very little this Spring however, I have some new additions to the Borderhauss Farm.  I will post pictures later but just don't have any good ones now..

We purchased 9 new runner duck babies to add to the flock and up our show quality.  I always try toward a 'show' look without compromising the conformation of the duck.  In other words...if they are straight up in the air and poop on their toes, like the standard says but it hinders them from making a smooth gait across the pasture, then we don't breed to further the problem.  I am working on more orange footed grey runners as that is a show standard but doesn't stop their ability to run and forage and act like the little crazy ducks they can be. 

My husband has increased his part of the animals by getting 6 quail.  3 bobwhites and 3 courtnix.  He is really enjoying them so much that they get petted, handled, and worked with daily.  Makes for much easier cage cleaning.  However, we can't have them free-range, so they have their own little quail hutch inside the duck stall. 

My husband also has brought home 3 micro-piggies.  And they are about 1 year old, they are about 15-20 lbs each.  Not potbelly pigs but the true micro/mini pig.  They are smart and tend to watch me a lot...I keep thinking they are plotting something.  But, they are funny and there is a stool in their pen where people sit and give them treats and teach them tricks and just 'hang out' with the piggies.  I can't wait till we get a nice big area for them outside!  (in the shade with lots of water, of course!)

I recently purchased 6 silkie chicks to play with and I think I'm attached after one day!  They are so funny looking and I think they will be a great addition to the farm! 

Pictures soon to follow!!!

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