Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's fleece time!!

Well, I sheared little Dewey/Daisy yesterday with my new shears.  Let me tell you, Daisy was a champ, and the shears weren't.  So, I'm going to have to call the company tomorrow and talk to them.  I have used other brands and they worked so well and these didn't do the sheep any justice.  So, after too long, I finished her up and went in to relax in front of the wood stove.  Early this morning, I spread out a sheet and began the task of skirting and picking the vegetation out of the fleece.   I remember something about wanting to blanket the sheep before the "hay" season started and that is something I think I will look into this year.  Wow!  2 hours it took and it's not all out, and only kept 1/2 the wool.  

Note to self:  got to get a weight scale.  Fleece is sold, purchased raw based on weight.  (not only but mostly)

  I am also not sure if I didn't ruin the wool with those dang clippers.  So, off to the spinning friends this week for some good constructive criticism.  Looks like I've got some nice crimp and some 3-4 inch locks.  But, this is my first lamb to fleece, so I'll let the experts look it over.

After I talk to the manufacturers of my shears, I'll try again, or send them back and purchase another brand.  Time will tell and I don't want to ruin my future fleece. 

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