Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ewe Tube and Fleece!!

After a wonderful visit with my Dad and no lambs, I returned to my normal routine.  This started early Monday morning with a quick trip out to the barn.  My offer the two smallest lambs some milk from a bottle, fill the milk bucket and just check on everyone.  Of course at 4 am before heading to work is when little Jan decided to show me her new baby.  He is adorable and what a chunk!! 

We named him "Jack"

He has a very neat coloring that can't be seen in the picture.  He has a dark red with grey/silver tint to his fleece.  It will be interesting to see what it turns out to be. 

Jan is a good momma and very protective of her baby.   So, that brings our total to 5 lambs and yet another color.  :)  

Little update on my fleece.  Turns out, it's fantastic fleece!  I didn't ruin it at all but....and there is always a but.  There is too much VM (vegetable matter - HAY)  in the wool.  So, I'm off to try and think of a way to keep them cleaner when they eat.   The feeder allows them to get covered in hay and it's hard to get out of wool.  She wanted to get some Tunis wool and I just happen to have 4 leftover fleeces from my Tunis flock a few years ago. 

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