Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still waiting for the "ewe tube"

"Oh Maggie, when will you lamb?"

This morning when I went to check on Maggie and feed, I saw this look in her eye, that she's ready.  Not really sure if her body is ready but boy oh boy, she's getting wide!  We're still watching and waiting.  It's also about 5 degrees outside this morning so, I'm okay if she waits.  There is a definite increase in her udder and swelling in her girlie parts.....but all we can do is wait. 

Look at that belly!

This last photo is Maggie with her husband, Hemi. 
She was still down, relaxing when I got out this this a sign she is getting closer?  Or, just more uncomfortable?  We shall see as I am now checking her three times a day in this extremely cold weather.  I am so glad we have the big barn to get out of the elements. 

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