Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ewe Tube 2011

Paul and I headed out to the barn to feed and check on Maggie.  As we were looking left at huge Maggie, nothing looked any different.  She was standing there, looking back at us, with no change.  We both casually scanned the barn and looked to the right toward the feeder.  At the same time we both said, "who's baby is that!!"   A little lamb was standing all alone at the hay feeder, looking around.  I immediately looked back at Maggie, trying to figure out if she was a little smaller and maybe lambed partially :)   Then, Betty came forward and claimed her little, adorable baby!  So cute and exciting!

Meet Miss February

Brown ewe lamb born Feb. 17, 2011 (registered Finn)
available for adoption
Dam: black trip - lambed at 10 months
Sire: white quad

This is the first lamb of the season and our first Finn lamb.  What a great way to start the season!  49 degrees in the middle of February and an adorable brown ewe to watch.  After watching her and checking Betty to make sure there is milk, no more babies to come out, nursing well and finding the placenta; we decided all was well.

What is it about baby animals that makes it so hard to keep your hands off! 
We are looking for name suggestions and she is available to adopt. 

We checked the other ewes for signs of more lambing.  Looks like little Dewey (my first Finn purchase from Woodspryte Farms) will be getting close to lambing, too!  She has a litter udder and a big round belly.  So, we'll definitely be watching closely for more babies.  Can't wait!! 

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