Tuesday, February 5, 2013



It's cold out this winter, much colder than last year.  We have had a few more lambs born here on the farm and it's exciting and busy now!  Kaarina, a wonderful mother and gorgeous fleeced animal, lambed early Monday morning.  She was busy as she delivered quads this year.  Unfortunately one did not survive.  I am guessing in all the confusion of four lambs, it might not have gotten it's mouth and nose cleared out in time. One a brighter note, she has three still here and doing well.  All three have the beautiful fleece that my best Finns carry.

 Kaarina had a terrible case of mastitis last year.  She is a very hard sheep to read and she didn't show her sickness until an infection had given her a high fever and she was barely able to walk.  After 10 days of antibiotics, infusions, hot packs, milking her, and special feed, she recovered.  She lost all her wool from the fever and one side of her udder has never been the same.  I was concerned about her feeding lambs this year but bred her anyway, knowing I might have bottle lambs.  She is producing milk out of the bad side and the other is fully functioning.  She loves her lambs and I am supplementing at this time.  For now, all is well and I will introduce them to the orphan bucket soon so I don't have to feed so often.

Jan, our Tunis ewe lambed to big ewe lambs and they are doing really well!  Not very exciting and that's how I like my lambing to go.  Going out to do chores with a cup of coffee and seeing new lambs, all fed and loved by their moms.  Uneventful

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