Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Runner Ducks

So, we picked up the new ducks and let them out to the big world today!!  We kept them penned up in the duck stall for a day, so they could meet their new friends but not run away.  Then, today they got their first taste of 'free range'.  I think they love it but not sure what to do outside a pen.  They followed the current residents around wondering what all the fuss was about in every pasture.  Then, they settled in and started pecking for bugs and yummy stuff.  They climbed in the big pools, took a well needed bath, and preened in the sun.  So, they fit in great and seem to love their new home! 

These ducks are Indian Runners and are the gray color.  2nd from left is a hen, 3rd from left is the drake...and then on the right side of the photo, 2nd, 4th, and 5th from right are the other gray hens.  3rd from the right is our first 'trout' colored hen.  Trout color is a lighter version of gray and sometimes happens when you're breeding for grays.  I've always wanted trout and have a hard time finding them.  So, now there is one here...I think.  She is still young and we'll see how her color changes.  


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