Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life has a way of ...

It's been a while since my last post.  I realize that everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for more information, we the 4 followers I have...LOL!   So, here's a quick summary of what has happened here on the farm:

Lambs are almost sold for the year.  3 left to go to be exact with a few to be picked up.  We weaned the remaining ewe lambs and no one is happy.  Moved around the sheep into groups for grazing and separated all the rams/ ram lambs.  No unplanned breeding here in my sheep flock!   LOL!  We are expecting 3 ewes to lamb in mid August so there will be some lambs available this Fall, or we are planning some nice growth through the winter for Easter in the Spring.  I have some cuts available for purchase in the freezer now.  Let me know you are interested.   I'll keep you posted on babies, of course.  The two lambs I purchased from the wonderful Triple L Finns in Washington are doing really well and growing fast.  I am very excited to have their breeding added into my flock and will be expecting some great lambs in the Spring. 

We have two hens sitting on the same nest with 7 eggs.  We weren't planning this but, I'd rather let her sit in the barn, than nest out in the grass because we keep collecting eggs.  Besides, I might have a runner duck egg quota to fill soon.  Between an occasional phone call from advertising and my students, the duck egg taste is spreading.  They really are yummy.  So, we should have baby ducks any day now.  I'm checking every morning and the one hen, gets up, makes herself huge and hisses at me.  Paul thinks it might be that she knows it's soon and might be able to hear the babies peeping in their shells.  (I've heard that in the incubator up to two days before they hatch)  If you would like some colorful, entertaining, and great ducks, let me know.  We could have 7 available for purchase.

Everyone is doing really well in their classes.  I had a new session start this month in agility and have 4 wonderful students.  I have interest for next month and will be starting another new agility session on Thursdays in July.   Two of my students made it to CPE Nationals in Minnesota and did really well from what I hear.  So, I am very proud of them and all their hard work!!   Yeah!!! 

After an almost 6 year spell of working in dialysis as a certified tech, I will be heading down a new career path.  I am enrolling at MSU for veterinary school.  It will be a long haul but I do have a lot of my undergraduate courses from my existing degree to apply.  I am hoping 6 years maximum, but we'll see how running a farm, working, and going to school will be handled.  I am starting out with just a few classes this fall and hopefully going full time in the Spring or Fall of  2012.  So, wish me luck in returning to school.  It's been about 10 years since my graduate degree and as a music major, there wasn't a lot of classroom setting involved.  Guess I will go from a Michigan fan to a State fan....hope you can forgive me or congratulate me!  

So, that sums it up for now!

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  1. Wow, Laura awesome! That is wonderful news. You will make a great veterinarian! Congrats. (and yes congrats on becoming a State fan!!!