Sunday, December 19, 2010

Maggie, the ewe

I went out this morning to feed and took some pictures of Maggie, our bottle lamb that is now coming 2 year old this Christmas eve. She is looking fairly large and her girlish parts are beginning to show lamb signs. I calculated back to when she came home from fair and met the new man of the farm. I remembered I forgot to buy them condoms, so looks like she could lamb as early as mid January. She is fairly large and I would love twins from her but anything will be great! She was born at my sheep mentors house as an orphan, lived in my house with human diapers and slept in a dog crate. She has been through 2 years of 4h shows in Washtenaw, one year winning reserved grand ch. She is katadin cross and is now bred to a Finn, so what comes out will be a surprise! Her father was spotted so maybe some fun markings?

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