Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Runners head out into the world

Well, yesterday I got up and thought, why don't I let the babies out for a little while today.  It was sunny and decent weather so, I went to feed and do chores.  I filled the baby pool for the big ducks, put out a scoop of feed by the water and opened the stall door.  I opened the baby pen as well and stood back. 

Out came the big ducks as their normal routine, squaking and flapping and stretching their wings. ...pretending to fly like the birds in the sky.  They ran to the food as I watched the babies.  They ran for their crate and said, "heck no, we're in here"  So, I left it open for them to come out on their own. 

A few minutes later, the adults came back to the stall as I collected the eggs and out came the babies, running after them.  It looked like they were ok and I watched as the midgets followed them back out to the pool to learn about water and food outside.  We don't always get to eat in bed, sometimes we have to grow up.  All seemed fine so I headed off for the day.

So here's a photo of the little ones out with the big ones.  The babies are on the left and the adults on the right.  The far right, is Henrietta, the Pekin. 

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