Thursday, June 30, 2016

the last chickens

Wednesday morning I delivered 12 chickens to the processor. The girls wanted Mcdonald's for lunch so we stopped. There is nothing on the menu that is of substance that is no meat and I'm not a vegetarian, just thinking. I ordered southwest salad, comes with chicken. The girls got pancakes and milk. I said nothing to them just got what they wanted. I was secretly happy they serve breakfast all day. I got home mixed up the salad, put in the chicken, took a bite, was nauseated. I picked out all the chicken and offered it to the girls, they didn't want it and hadn't seen anything I did, they just didn't want it. I ate the rest of the salad just fine.

what is going on now. I'm disgusted by chicken? or just Mcdonald's Chicken? Later that day I picked up the chickens and thought how much the dogs could enjoy this but would that be wasteful. they aren't cheap to raise and we did it well, lots of free range, well as much as a meat chicken wants, which isn't much. I don't see much in their eyes when I tried to look deep. Not like the pigs, not like the cows and the sheep. It still didn't seem right. Still, this is our food, this is what we don't buy at the store because we raise it better, ourselves, it's humane. sigh...

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